My Comics in Stripburger

52nd issue of iconic Slovenian comics magazine Stripburger was released close before Christmas. There is a huge block devoted to Czech comics. My short stories Here I am (Tak uz jsem tady) and I Hate People (Nemam rad lidi) are among works of thirteen contemporary Czech authors. (How to buy Stripburger)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2009!



My First Book Published Abroad

I´m Not Afraid of the Dark Any More – my first book from 2007 awarded by the Price of Czech Teachers – was published abroad. Domowina Publishing House published the book in Germany in Upper Sorbian and Lower Sorbian languages.

Golden Credit Card

XYZ Publishing House is continuing in publishing books written by Vojtech Steklac and ilustrated by me. They are coming with new book Hellclass & Golden Credit Card after the last reedition of Borik in Troubles Book this year. Borik, Mirek, Cenda and Ales are not pupil but students of the private high school. Owner of this scholl, unpredictable millionaire Pokstefl, gives them unexpected gift for the summer holiday – golden credit card with 50 millions. He sets them task to invest money and be in profit and boys found detective office to be successful. The world of crime has new enemies in boys and their new friend Hugo – reformed delinquent.