My Book Won the Price of Czech Teachers

My first book I’m Not Afraid of the Darkness Any More was awarded the Price of Czech Teachers for contribution to children’s literature in the 15th competition SUK – All the People Read. The ceremony took place in the historical sight of the Museum of Czech Literature in Prague. The action was organised by the Institute for Information on Education, NPKK – the Suk’s Study Library for Youngs and SKIP – the Association of Library and Information Professionals of the Czech Republic.



Ghosts Museum

After yesterday opening ceremony Pilsen Ghosts Museum located in the historic city center welcomes new visitors. Atractive fairy tales expositions in the extensive vaults under the Central Hotel in the Republic Square intermesh my arts. I am author of the museum’s logo and life-size Radous inviting visitors. Also some ghosts look like from my fairy tales books and some drawings were transfered on the walls in the first underground floor by other people in the cute naive way. In the second underground floor you can see model of the 31 most important sights from the Pilsen Region made by myself. If you want you can buy fairy tales books, children game called memory, colouring books and badges with my drawings in the museum’s reception. Pay attention to the possibility to buy my plush stuffed toy Radous!