The Secret of Snowflakes

- silent snow -

The Municipal Library of Pilsen was printing through the Pro Libris Publishing House my fairytale The Secret of Snowflakes. Book that is not for sale will be distributed as the first reading for children during a ceremony prepared by the library every year. Fairytale about the highest prefab in the world, about one writer, two shrewish but good-hearted angels but especially about the first snowfall in the world was as well adapted for informal stage by Lenka Vackova, Tomas Jeres and me and presented during my authorial programme a few years ago.


I’ve Become Member of the Czech Cartoonists´ Union Management

I’ve become member of the presidium in the Czech Cartoonists´ Union on its Saturday membership meeting. This organisation is the only one profession organisation associate cartoonists in the Czech Republic. Its members are for example Jiri Sliva, Miroslav Bartak and Vladimir Rencin. I’m a member from 2005. Mr Bretislav Kovarik still remains head of the Union.


We Are Still in War

Welcome party for the special comic book We are still in War – Life Stories of the 20th Century prepared by Argo Publishing House will take place in the Prague MeetFactory 29th October at 5 p.m. during the first comics Saturday of the KomiksFEST! Thirteen Czech and Slovak comic artists composed destiny of thirteen common people that had to be extra brave in the confrontation with totalitarian systems of the last century – fascistic or communistic. I wrote and drew life story of Mr Leopold Färber under the title Hurvinek’s stories.


The Best 33 Czech Cartoonists

Exhibition named The Best 33 Czech Cartoonists and prepared by Laco Torma from the Czech Cartoonists´ Union took place at Kremnice Gags - the 31st European festival of humour and satire. Slovakian audience could see my work again.


Comic Stories from the Czech History Coming in Saturdays Newspaper

Life stories of the second world war and totalitarianism eyewitnesses have published in Saturdays newspaper MF Dnes from today. Stories about people in the second world war, holocaust, gulags and totalitarianism were collected by documentarists from the citizens' association Post Bellum. Comics drawn by 10 Czech artists including me will be published till November 19. Comic book Life Stories of the 20th Century will be published in November. Authors of the project believe that comics book could be interesting for generation from 15 to 35. Czech radio – Radio Cesko has broadcasted documentary series with the same name but their listeners are older.


Pilsen - City of Beautiful Books

Municipal Library of Pilsen celebrates 135 anniversary and that is why they gave themselves gift. They prepared exhibition Pilsen - City of Beautiful Books that takes place in the City Hall from 8 to 26th August 2011. I am presented as illustrator and writer of the children books and comics author as well as regular author of the magazine Pilsen Literary Life and long-time co-worker of the Municipal Library of Pilsen. If you would like you can see valued bibliophile works by my father Stanislav Jurik (1948-1993) as well.


I’m in Stripburger Again

In the famous European magazine for independent comic Stripburger there is written in the editorial of the 55th issue: „We’re happy to have with us again the Czech author Vhrsti and his thoughtful little man.“ Editors chose 2 comics – What I Haven’t Done Today and I’m Firm from the my autobiographical series. You can read comics especially by Slovenian and Brazilian authors. I’m only one Czech artist in this issue.


Illustration Friday: Bicycle

Mom, dad, son and doggie on the trip - sketches for animated film.


Bottled 3

Illustration from 2006.


Holiday School

Czech Publishing House Pierot contacted me to cooperate with them on one of their most favourite exercise books called Holiday School. I illustrated exercise book Holiday School for the second class that is coming now. Publication full of tasks from the Czech language, maths and natural sciences is good helper for revision during summer holiday.

Duet 2