Half a Threescore Pilsen Region‘s Fairy Tales and Legends Is Coming

Marketa Cekanova and Zdenek Zajicek are going to come with new book of thirty fairy tales after last sucessful book Two Dozen of Pilsner Fairy Tales and Legends. Nowadays there will be legends from all the Pilsen Region with my illustrations again. You can learn a lot about greed of farmer from Nepomuk, defeat of Hussites in Stribro, Czech prince taking castle away from Germans and water sprite saving life to miners from Nyrany.

Book's welcoming will take place in the Gallery of Western Bohemia (No. 13 Prazska Street, Plzen, Theatre Hall, second floor) on November 30 at 4.30 p.m. You can also meet us on the Pilsen Republic Square on December 12 where attempt on the record in choric carol-singing will go on. (It have to be more than last record: 8 096 singers.) Czech writer Ondrej Neff was godfather last year and Vladimir Paral will swap with him this year.


Illustration Friday: The Zoo

We took the animals for a trip ;-)


5 Random Things

I was tagged by MiKa to post 5 random things about myself. That's some new strange game of art bloggers...


1. I think the driving tram is one of the best professions of the world.
2. I like non-alcoholic beer more than alcoholic. There is a bit strange thing in Pilsen - city of one of the famous brewery of the world.
3. I came to believe that to be unskilful has some advantages.
4. When I was a child I desired to be a water sprite. I was fascinated by two lives - above the water and under the water.
5. Now when I am writing these sentences my wife is doing the ironing.

Now I've got to tag other 5 people. Hope they wouldn't be angry...

Irisz Agocs
Rico Schacherl
Elizabeth Siegel
Michelle White

Generation Zero in Hranice

After the first September presentation in Brno (undermentioned) the unique exhibition Generation Zero – New Wave of Czech and Slovak Comics will take place in the hall Synagoga in Hranice, Czech Republic. Opening is planned on Thursday, November 22 from 17 p.m. You can visit the exhibition till January 13. In March 2008 you can enjoy it also in Prague.


The Aerobic Turtle

Some people want me to draw strange pictures sometimes ;-)



Who is Bon-bon?

"Curiously strong comics" for special edition of Altoids packs of mints.


„Let‘s Finish Vhrsti‘s Comics“ Competition Has the Winner

Let‘s Finish Vhrsti‘s Comics Competition has finished. The subject of the competition was to create last window of my short comics. Gabriela Zedekova from Vranov nad Dyji is the winner. I was the head of the jury that chose her work as the most interesting from 260 Czech children and adults‘pictures. Next 6 finalists can also look forward to some small gifts. If you want, you can see the best pictures from this competition on the Pilsen City Library website.