Cartoons in Kozuchow, Poland

Well-known international cartoon´s competition in Kozuchow reach a peak by the best piecies´ exhibition. One of my cartoons on the topic „Newspaper“ is also presenting together with the work of other 4 Czech artists. The winners, known from the day of jury session on June 19, are going to decorate on the opening ceremony today. They are everybody from Poland except of one Englishman. My work was also successful a year ago. Joke on the topic „Protection – Against Heat or Cold“ was choosen to the calendar by the main sponsor of the festival. I would like to share with you 3 cartoons sending to this competition this year.



Let´s Finish Comics with Pilsen City Library

Pilsen City Library has prepared competition named „Let´s Finish Vhrsti´s Comics“ on occasion of the Week of Libraries. The subject of this competition is to finish short comics where the last window is empty. This place is prepared for your idea and your point and it doesn´t matter how talented you are or what technique you use. Everything you need, if you want to participate in this competition, you can download here. Please deliver your piecies to the Pilsen City Library (Knihovna města Plzne, B. Smetany 13, 305 94 Plzen, Czech Republic) till October 12. Your pictures black-and-white or coloured should be also marked with your contact. Competitons´ results will be presented on the library´s website till October 26. The winners will be rewarded by books and libraries´ finenesses.


Welcome to Pilsen on the Christen Book Ceremony!

You are welcome to Pilsen (Czech Republic) on September 20 at 5.30 p.m.! Christen Ceremony for my fairy-tales book I´m Not Afraid of the Darkness Any More will take place in the Gallery of Western Bohemia (No. 13 Prazska Street, Plzen, Theatre Hall, second floor). My friends Anne Josephova and Tomas Jeres will moderate this unusual performance, Petr Vrobel great world known mandolin player will take care of music and Czech champions in yoyo group SpinFX will present their nice show. You can also enjoy funny fairy tales after a little bit ghostly beginning. Every visitor will obtain one picture for a keepsake on this day. At the end of the evening you will have opportunity to buy the book.

Book named I´m Not Afraid of the Darkness Any More is coming in production of the Czech Publishing House Mlada fronta. That´s crisp story about little Stephen and his teddy bear Bartholomew but about the subjects hiding in the darkness and about something that makes fearsome from the usual things above all. About grim reaper coming through the bedroom´s window every night, about the dangerous octopus, vampire from the picture on the wall and also about the darkness runing away from the wardrobe after opening – but nobody knows where.


Vhrsti's Colouring Book on Polabsky Book Fair

Many children and adults (!) coloured in Vhrstis' pictures on Polabsky Book Fair in Lysa nad Labem (Czech Republic). Writer Marketa Cekanova read them her fairy tales connected with their favourite illustration.