The Secret of Snowflakes

- silent snow -

The Municipal Library of Pilsen was printing through the Pro Libris Publishing House my fairytale The Secret of Snowflakes. Book that is not for sale will be distributed as the first reading for children during a ceremony prepared by the library every year. Fairytale about the highest prefab in the world, about one writer, two shrewish but good-hearted angels but especially about the first snowfall in the world was as well adapted for informal stage by Lenka Vackova, Tomas Jeres and me and presented during my authorial programme a few years ago.


I’ve Become Member of the Czech Cartoonists´ Union Management

I’ve become member of the presidium in the Czech Cartoonists´ Union on its Saturday membership meeting. This organisation is the only one profession organisation associate cartoonists in the Czech Republic. Its members are for example Jiri Sliva, Miroslav Bartak and Vladimir Rencin. I’m a member from 2005. Mr Bretislav Kovarik still remains head of the Union.