She is sexy

and she is trying to embarrass me...

It's phenomenon of illustrator's life.


Illustration Friday: Savour

The Third Book of Creative Trio Is Coming With Their Third Book of Bohemian Fairy Tales

Marketa Cekanova, Zdenek Zajicek and their preferred illustrator Vhrsti published Two Dozen Pilsner Fairy Tales and Legends in 2006, Half a Threescore Pilsen Region's Fairy Tales and Legends in 2007 and now they are coming with Half a Threescore till a Threescore Fairy Tales and Legends from Bohemia. New book with the white cover, after red and yellow, thirty new stories and thirty full-page illustrations will be welcome to life at 6:30 p. m. November 28, 2010 on occasion of lighting up Christmas tree at the Pilsen main Square of Republic. The second welcoming ceremony will take place at the same square on occasion of Christmas carol-singing December 15, 2010.


Afterwards 2

Drawing afterwards drinking...


Emmanuel Guibert in Pilsen

One of the famous European comics creator Emmanuel Guibert will come to Pilsen on Friday November 5. He will discuss with me on the Czech Radio Pilsen broadcast before noon and he will meet with students of the Institute of Art and Design at 1 p. m. Guibert is the author of the valued trilogy Alan´s war that takes place partly in Pilsen. His book The Photographer was awarded by the „comics Oscar“ Will Eisner Comics Industry Award in the United States this year.


New Anthology of Generation Zero

Representative book showing the strongest nowadays generation of the Czech comics creators was published after the exhibition catalogue from the year 2007. Anthology named Generation Zero – Czech Comics from 2000 to 2010 is selection of the best short comics stories of the Czech Republic in the latest decade. I’m presenting there my comic Milkman from the year 2003.


The Last Match

For this wonderful exhibition.

I Was Jubilee Celebrity on the Chat

Independent internet magazine Kultura21.cz welcomed jubilee 50th celebrity ;-). I answered questions in the moderate discussion on the chat. Readers of this web portal know PaTa's and my comic series Snow Foss published on Mondays.


I Participated on the Interactive Children Nature Trail

Funny character of squirrel shows to children around just open interactive nature trail in the Pilsen forest park Homolka. Im also author of other illustrations and design of the boards. Children can learn interesting things about trees, plants, animals and history of Homolka water tank. Kids can find out how they are high on squirrel-meter or if their jump is longer than hare, red deer or kangaroo. They can play on wood xylophone or run slalom. Author of the project and texts is Martina Kovarikova from Pilsen Public Asset Management. Homolka was founded in 19th century and nowadays is the second largest forest park in Pilsen.


Illustration Friday: Proverb

A hungry man is an angry man.


I’ll Draw with the Famous European Cartoonists

Posters and cards with snails´ houses for Charlie Chaplin, Bill Gates, Walt Disney or Julius Caesar (drawen by me) have invited for the third year of the biennial Cartoon Meeting Point in the Czech Town Pisek (September 3–5, 2010). I´m one of fourteen cartoonists from the eight European countries will draw for public on Saturday afternoon (2:30 p.m., Sladovna). If you would like to stay in touch with the works of the cartoonists you can see the exhibition in the Nizke tramy hall (from September 4 to 26). Cartoon Meeting Point is prepared by the Czech Cartoonists´ Union and the Town of Pisek.


Magnetic Mobile Phone by Vojtech Steklac Has Come

Artificial mobile ;-)
After six months new boyish book written by Vojtech Steklac and illustrated by me has come to the bookshops. Hellclass & Magnetic Mobile Phone is sequel of the book Hellclass & Golden Credit Card. Story about Borik, Mirek, Ales and Cenda who spend their holiday in Holesovice docks is full of detective adventures. Schoolmates girls Palhounova and Teckertova try to penetrate boyish world and take control of their place. Will be young detectives successful and what about girls graces? New book from the complete series about Borik and his friends will answer you.


Illustration Friday: Satellite

From my comic strip Two Suns...


Illustration Friday: Early

One of my early sketches...