My Fairy Tales on the Czech Radio Plzen

My fairy tales will be presented on the Czech Radio Plzen. Small Fairy Tale will be on the air first of all on December 31 at 11.50 a.m. Next four fairy tales will continue every day at the same time till Friday January 4. You can tune in on the frequency 106,7 MHz in the West Bohemia or everywhere in the world thanks to the internet.


PF 2008

Thank you very much for your affection and encouragement. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2008!



Motanice (Tangle) No. 6 has come to Czech bookshops few days before Christmas. This logical toy with rose front-page includes my pictures. One picture is coupled to another picture with the string. Motanice has 30 playing cards, it means 300 my illustrations. Project Motanice won the award Right Toy in the year 2001.


The Clear Message - Stanislav Jurik (1948-1993)

My fathers' artworks on the current exhibition of the Pilsen Municipal Gallery named The Clear Message - Geometry, Ornamentation, Concept and Visual Poetry in the Pilsen Region. Unfortunately in memoriam...



I’m among the Winners of Ekofor Competition 2007

Brontosaurus Movement awarded the winners of Ekofor Competition 2007 in Uhersky Brod (Czech Republic) at the end of November 2007. The jury also appreciated my picture in cathegory "Zajic" (Hare). My colleagues from Czech Cartoonists' Union Radek Steska and Frantisek Kratochvil have been on the first and second place, I have been on the third. The best pictures are included in the exhibition that was presented in 27 towns and cities in the Czech Republic in 2007 and they will prepare next for the year 2008.


My Exposition in Klamovka

My exposition takes place in Prague club Klamovka (Podbelohorska 3, Prague, Czech Republic) where comics club 4list works. It's a collection of illustrations for books of fairy tales and legends by Marketa Cekanova and Zdenek Zajicek similar but not the same like in poetic cafe Obratnik (Tropic) in November. You can see it during club's opening hours (from Monday to Friday, from 2 p. m. to 5 p. m.) and during clubs performances till January 10, 2008.

Mouse-ear Christmas Performance in Nyrany

On December 6, there will be Mouse-ear Christmas Performance in cultural house in Nyrany near Plzen (Pilsen, Czech Republic). Moderator Jiri Hlobil will speak about traditional crafts and Christmas folk customs from all over the world. You can also look forward to listening music by group Tri tilka (Three Singlets) and my fairy tales presenting by actors Anne-Francois Josephova and Tomas Jeres. If you want, you will have opportunity to buy fairy tales books, games and coloring books with my signatures. This action will start at 6 p. m.


News Concerning to Half a Threescore Pilsen Region's Fairy Tales and Legends

Half a Threescore Pilsen Region's Fairy Tales and Legends was born and we add some new actions concerning to this baby. Authors already presented this book in the Gallery of Western Bohemia on November 30 and in Dobrany near Plzen (Pilsen, Czech Republic) on December 2. On Monday December 3, it will be also presented during the opening of Christmas tree exhibition in the Pilsen City Hall. On Tuesday December 4, it will take place on the Pilsen Republic Square during the festive lighting of Christmas tree and on the Nicolas Evening in Bela nad Radbuzou near Domazlice (Czech Republic) on December 6. Big christening ceremony with Czech writer Vladimir Paral that will take place on the Pilsen Republic Square on December 12 will be the top of these welcoming activities. Nowadays they are also working on translation of some fairy tales from the book from Czech language to Byelorussian and Ukrainian languages.


Half a Threescore Pilsen Region‘s Fairy Tales and Legends Is Coming

Marketa Cekanova and Zdenek Zajicek are going to come with new book of thirty fairy tales after last sucessful book Two Dozen of Pilsner Fairy Tales and Legends. Nowadays there will be legends from all the Pilsen Region with my illustrations again. You can learn a lot about greed of farmer from Nepomuk, defeat of Hussites in Stribro, Czech prince taking castle away from Germans and water sprite saving life to miners from Nyrany.

Book's welcoming will take place in the Gallery of Western Bohemia (No. 13 Prazska Street, Plzen, Theatre Hall, second floor) on November 30 at 4.30 p.m. You can also meet us on the Pilsen Republic Square on December 12 where attempt on the record in choric carol-singing will go on. (It have to be more than last record: 8 096 singers.) Czech writer Ondrej Neff was godfather last year and Vladimir Paral will swap with him this year.


Illustration Friday: The Zoo

We took the animals for a trip ;-)


5 Random Things

I was tagged by MiKa to post 5 random things about myself. That's some new strange game of art bloggers...


1. I think the driving tram is one of the best professions of the world.
2. I like non-alcoholic beer more than alcoholic. There is a bit strange thing in Pilsen - city of one of the famous brewery of the world.
3. I came to believe that to be unskilful has some advantages.
4. When I was a child I desired to be a water sprite. I was fascinated by two lives - above the water and under the water.
5. Now when I am writing these sentences my wife is doing the ironing.

Now I've got to tag other 5 people. Hope they wouldn't be angry...

Irisz Agocs
Rico Schacherl
Elizabeth Siegel
Michelle White

Generation Zero in Hranice

After the first September presentation in Brno (undermentioned) the unique exhibition Generation Zero – New Wave of Czech and Slovak Comics will take place in the hall Synagoga in Hranice, Czech Republic. Opening is planned on Thursday, November 22 from 17 p.m. You can visit the exhibition till January 13. In March 2008 you can enjoy it also in Prague.


The Aerobic Turtle

Some people want me to draw strange pictures sometimes ;-)



Who is Bon-bon?

"Curiously strong comics" for special edition of Altoids packs of mints.


„Let‘s Finish Vhrsti‘s Comics“ Competition Has the Winner

Let‘s Finish Vhrsti‘s Comics Competition has finished. The subject of the competition was to create last window of my short comics. Gabriela Zedekova from Vranov nad Dyji is the winner. I was the head of the jury that chose her work as the most interesting from 260 Czech children and adults‘pictures. Next 6 finalists can also look forward to some small gifts. If you want, you can see the best pictures from this competition on the Pilsen City Library website.


Three Invitations to the Czech Republic (Pilsen, Prague and Brno)

Pro Libris Fellowship is publishing Pilsen Calendar 2008 – collection of my twelve fairy tales with my illustrations and prolog by Czech famous poet Jiri Zacek. It‘s lovely thing especially for collectors thanks to printing of only 350 pieces. You have probably only one opportunity to buy this nice book on the christening of the book that will take place in the Polan‘s Room in the Pilsen City Library (Knihovna mesta Plzne, B. Smetany 13) on October 31 at 7 p. m. Vaclav Malina, director of the Pilsen City Gallery will be the godfather and the moderator of this evening. You can look forward to music group Three Singlet (Tri tilka) and actors Anne Josephova and Tomas Jeres – it will be in more intimate atmosphere than last performance; let‘s forget about preparing cocktails and breadcrumbs strewing in the room – if you like it, wait to Prague next day to enjoy it.

The second year of ComicsFEST! called Comics Unlimited will take place in Prague (Czech Republic) from October 27 to November 3. My fairy tales illustrations will be also presented during the festival on the exhibition in the poetic cafe Tropic (Obratnik) till the end of November. The opening and Prague christening of the book I‘m Not Afraid of the Darkness Any More will take place on November 1 at 7 p. m. there. Actors and moderators Anne Josephova and Tomas Jeres and mandolinist Petr Vrobel will help to make nice atmosphere by their performances like on the September christening in Pilsen. Antonin Koci from the Publishing House Mlada Fronta will speak about the book, Lucie Lomova – authoress of the famous comics Ann and Joseph (Anca a Pepik) and very popular comics Ann wants to jump out (Anna chce skocit) that has been very successful in France – will be godmother.

Exhibition of my comics strips Endless Tram is preparing to Brno (Czech Republic). In the real tram type K2 registration number 1 033 with my posters there will be going my exhibition on the various regular lines. Passengers will have opportunity to see the best from my comics serial Endless Tram to laugh instead of common leaflets. The opening ceremony with little ride is planned on November 7 at 5 p. m. on the Place of Mendl (Mendlovo namesti) in Brno. Press conference will be on the same place at 10 a. m.


I draw for Albi

Albi Czech Republic Assoc is one of the biggest Czech producers and sellers of congratulations‘cards to envelopes, gifts, packing assortment and party games. Nowadays you can see two funny divorcing cards for men and women made by me in their higly visible stands for congratulations‘cards in Czech stores. Thanks to the fruitful partnership between famous company and me three new cards will be also launched soon.


My book christening photogallery

Pilsen christening of my book I‘m Not Afraid of the Darkness Any More took place in the Gallery of Western Bohemia on September 20. Anne Josephova, Tomas Jeres, Petr Vrobel and yoyo group SpinFX made their appearances there. Gallery director Jana Potuzakova and Antonin Koci from the Publishing House spoke to the audience. In the lecture theatre there were more people than the room capacity was, but playful performance has been gaining nice acceptance. More about this day you can see in the photogallery.

If you want to see more you can visit photogallery.


Cartoons in Kozuchow, Poland

Well-known international cartoon´s competition in Kozuchow reach a peak by the best piecies´ exhibition. One of my cartoons on the topic „Newspaper“ is also presenting together with the work of other 4 Czech artists. The winners, known from the day of jury session on June 19, are going to decorate on the opening ceremony today. They are everybody from Poland except of one Englishman. My work was also successful a year ago. Joke on the topic „Protection – Against Heat or Cold“ was choosen to the calendar by the main sponsor of the festival. I would like to share with you 3 cartoons sending to this competition this year.



Let´s Finish Comics with Pilsen City Library

Pilsen City Library has prepared competition named „Let´s Finish Vhrsti´s Comics“ on occasion of the Week of Libraries. The subject of this competition is to finish short comics where the last window is empty. This place is prepared for your idea and your point and it doesn´t matter how talented you are or what technique you use. Everything you need, if you want to participate in this competition, you can download here. Please deliver your piecies to the Pilsen City Library (Knihovna města Plzne, B. Smetany 13, 305 94 Plzen, Czech Republic) till October 12. Your pictures black-and-white or coloured should be also marked with your contact. Competitons´ results will be presented on the library´s website till October 26. The winners will be rewarded by books and libraries´ finenesses.


Welcome to Pilsen on the Christen Book Ceremony!

You are welcome to Pilsen (Czech Republic) on September 20 at 5.30 p.m.! Christen Ceremony for my fairy-tales book I´m Not Afraid of the Darkness Any More will take place in the Gallery of Western Bohemia (No. 13 Prazska Street, Plzen, Theatre Hall, second floor). My friends Anne Josephova and Tomas Jeres will moderate this unusual performance, Petr Vrobel great world known mandolin player will take care of music and Czech champions in yoyo group SpinFX will present their nice show. You can also enjoy funny fairy tales after a little bit ghostly beginning. Every visitor will obtain one picture for a keepsake on this day. At the end of the evening you will have opportunity to buy the book.

Book named I´m Not Afraid of the Darkness Any More is coming in production of the Czech Publishing House Mlada fronta. That´s crisp story about little Stephen and his teddy bear Bartholomew but about the subjects hiding in the darkness and about something that makes fearsome from the usual things above all. About grim reaper coming through the bedroom´s window every night, about the dangerous octopus, vampire from the picture on the wall and also about the darkness runing away from the wardrobe after opening – but nobody knows where.


Vhrsti's Colouring Book on Polabsky Book Fair

Many children and adults (!) coloured in Vhrstis' pictures on Polabsky Book Fair in Lysa nad Labem (Czech Republic). Writer Marketa Cekanova read them her fairy tales connected with their favourite illustration.


Illustration Friday: Alphabet

Finger alphabet by the man with pipe and the man with orange bird on his hat.


Zero Generation Exhibition

Zero Generation – New Wave of Czech and Slovak Comics will take place in Brno. 36 young artists that have come to comics around the year 2000 will present their works on this exhibition. You can also see my pieces among seasoned but also not so famous authors from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Catalogue with the complete cross-section of young Czech and Slovak comics will be also published. On August 29, at 6 p. m., there will be opening in galleries Kabinet and U Dobreho pastyre and you can visit these places till September 19. It´s possible that Zero Generation Exhibition will be moved to the other towns and cities – it´s in negotiation.


Wedding Day

Today is my friends Lenka and Vlada's wedding day. God give you joy!



Illustration Friday: Captain

Somewhat crazy captain of submarine. He laughs although there are strange dangerous things in his engine room - chicken, worm, hat, snail, scissors, apple, glove...


The diver

Brand new illustration for Czech comics association SEQENCE.


St. Bartholomew's Gothic Cathedral in Plzen

The construction of the cathedral began in 1295 (at the same time as the New Town of Plzen) and was finished by the beginning of the 16th century. St. Bartholomew's Cathedral tower has the highest church steeple in the Czech Republic (102.3 m).


Illustration Procedure

How the illustration for the most popular Czech children magazine Slunicko was created.



My brother and my nephew are playing tennis.