Mouse-ear Christmas Performance in Nyrany

On December 6, there will be Mouse-ear Christmas Performance in cultural house in Nyrany near Plzen (Pilsen, Czech Republic). Moderator Jiri Hlobil will speak about traditional crafts and Christmas folk customs from all over the world. You can also look forward to listening music by group Tri tilka (Three Singlets) and my fairy tales presenting by actors Anne-Francois Josephova and Tomas Jeres. If you want, you will have opportunity to buy fairy tales books, games and coloring books with my signatures. This action will start at 6 p. m.

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  1. Nyrany, that's the town I lived for about 10 years or more :-). I remember the smashing concert of Wabi Danek and Milos Dvoracek in the same culture house when you are going to have your show Today. There were almost only the teachers of elementary school on it, so you can only hope to have wider public! ;-)