Three Invitations to the Czech Republic (Pilsen, Prague and Brno)

Pro Libris Fellowship is publishing Pilsen Calendar 2008 – collection of my twelve fairy tales with my illustrations and prolog by Czech famous poet Jiri Zacek. It‘s lovely thing especially for collectors thanks to printing of only 350 pieces. You have probably only one opportunity to buy this nice book on the christening of the book that will take place in the Polan‘s Room in the Pilsen City Library (Knihovna mesta Plzne, B. Smetany 13) on October 31 at 7 p. m. Vaclav Malina, director of the Pilsen City Gallery will be the godfather and the moderator of this evening. You can look forward to music group Three Singlet (Tri tilka) and actors Anne Josephova and Tomas Jeres – it will be in more intimate atmosphere than last performance; let‘s forget about preparing cocktails and breadcrumbs strewing in the room – if you like it, wait to Prague next day to enjoy it.

The second year of ComicsFEST! called Comics Unlimited will take place in Prague (Czech Republic) from October 27 to November 3. My fairy tales illustrations will be also presented during the festival on the exhibition in the poetic cafe Tropic (Obratnik) till the end of November. The opening and Prague christening of the book I‘m Not Afraid of the Darkness Any More will take place on November 1 at 7 p. m. there. Actors and moderators Anne Josephova and Tomas Jeres and mandolinist Petr Vrobel will help to make nice atmosphere by their performances like on the September christening in Pilsen. Antonin Koci from the Publishing House Mlada Fronta will speak about the book, Lucie Lomova – authoress of the famous comics Ann and Joseph (Anca a Pepik) and very popular comics Ann wants to jump out (Anna chce skocit) that has been very successful in France – will be godmother.

Exhibition of my comics strips Endless Tram is preparing to Brno (Czech Republic). In the real tram type K2 registration number 1 033 with my posters there will be going my exhibition on the various regular lines. Passengers will have opportunity to see the best from my comics serial Endless Tram to laugh instead of common leaflets. The opening ceremony with little ride is planned on November 7 at 5 p. m. on the Place of Mendl (Mendlovo namesti) in Brno. Press conference will be on the same place at 10 a. m.

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