Let´s Finish Comics with Pilsen City Library

Pilsen City Library has prepared competition named „Let´s Finish Vhrsti´s Comics“ on occasion of the Week of Libraries. The subject of this competition is to finish short comics where the last window is empty. This place is prepared for your idea and your point and it doesn´t matter how talented you are or what technique you use. Everything you need, if you want to participate in this competition, you can download here. Please deliver your piecies to the Pilsen City Library (Knihovna města Plzne, B. Smetany 13, 305 94 Plzen, Czech Republic) till October 12. Your pictures black-and-white or coloured should be also marked with your contact. Competitons´ results will be presented on the library´s website till October 26. The winners will be rewarded by books and libraries´ finenesses.

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