5 Random Things

I was tagged by MiKa to post 5 random things about myself. That's some new strange game of art bloggers...


1. I think the driving tram is one of the best professions of the world.
2. I like non-alcoholic beer more than alcoholic. There is a bit strange thing in Pilsen - city of one of the famous brewery of the world.
3. I came to believe that to be unskilful has some advantages.
4. When I was a child I desired to be a water sprite. I was fascinated by two lives - above the water and under the water.
5. Now when I am writing these sentences my wife is doing the ironing.

Now I've got to tag other 5 people. Hope they wouldn't be angry...

Irisz Agocs
Rico Schacherl
Elizabeth Siegel
Michelle White


  1. Hahaha... of course, I won't be angry but I just did the "5 things about me" game on my blob 3 days ago... So if you go to my blog you will see it!! XO
    PS: I love root beer more than real beer too! It's one of my favorite drink!! ^-^

  2. That's funny random game! :-) What a shame I am not an artist with a blog :-D. I only wonder if MY wife was ironing during that, too :-).

  3. Wow, you are an interesting person!