The Czech Cartoonists´ Union celebrates the 20th Anniversary

The Czech Cartoonists´ Union celebrates 20 years of the active life. Concerning this jubilee, they have prepared exhibition showing the works of their 75 members. It is called "2cet" and takes place in the reconstructed house of Malostranska Beseda in Prague. The most of the authors (including me) will attend the opening ceremony at 5 p. m. April 6. If you want, you can buy the catalogue with the authors´ profiles and works. You can also enjoy the jubilee stickers made by Jiri Kostyr, Vaclav Linek and me. The Czech Cartoonists´ Union is the only one professional organisation in the Czech Republic connecting cartoonists and it has been the Federation of Cartoonists Organisations (FECO) member.

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